Who are Marines for JESUS?

Marines for JESUS” are true believers who walk through life in God’s Grace, assured in the promises and blessings of God because of their personal relationship with Jesus. They are constantly discovering all they are in Jesus and allow the Jesus in them to stand up and be recognized in all situations.”

  • A Marine for JESUS has been Called by God and knows who he or she is in Jesus.
  • A Marine for JESUS is changed into a new creation.
  • A Marine for JESUS has died to his old sinful nature.
  • A Marine for JESUS is filled with the Holy Spirit and walks in God’s Grace.
  • A Marine for JESUS is not sin conscious but Grace conscious and interested in following the Ways of God.
  • A Marine for JESUS is quick to confess Jesus as his or her Lord and Messiah.
  • A Marine for JESUS knows he is forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus and believes God has also forgotten his sins.
  • A Marine for JESUS is leadership minded and encourages others to trust in Jesus and His finished work of salvation.
  • A Marine for JESUS walks constantly in The Victory over sin and the Enemy he or she has been given in Jesus.

You may have never served in the U.S. Marines or the U.S. military but that is not required to be a Marine for JESUS. You are a Marine for JESUS when you embody what a Marine for JESUS stands for, which is discussed throughout this Guidebook. As you come to understand what makes a Marine for JESUS, I believe you will agree that the Church needs more of them. In this Guidebook we reveal the sufficiency of Jesus and all He has accomplished for us as revealed in Scripture which will help you have a closer walk with Jesus who loves you more than you know.

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