What is the meaning of life?

Yes, What IS the meaning of life?
Why are we here?
What does it all mean?
What am I suppose to do?”

How many times have people expressed their opinion on these questions and the answers never seem to satisfy the longing of the heart to know the answer. Philosophers have long debated and analyzed the meaning of life with no definitive answers. Many differing opinions never seem to adequately answer these questions.

We cannot know the meaning of life without the knowledge of the Life Giver. Leave the Life Giver out of the picture and there is nothing but speculation, confusion and conflict trying to decide the reason for anything and everything. Who or what is right? Who or what is wrong? Who is to say what is right or wrong? Who has the answers when God is not the center of the discussion? The fact is, no one has the answers without God. Truth cannot be determined without recognizing God who is the Truth Giver.

God is also the First Cause. He is The Reason we are here. He is the Answer to every question. If the Big Bang Theory is true then God is the Great Big Banger. He is the Creator of man’s beginning. Without Him there is no beginning. without Him there is no future. He began His Bible Narration testifying to man of who He is and what He is doing. Then He allows people to make their own choices. Look around you and take note of mankind making their own choices and following their own ways.. It isn’t pretty is it?

This is the meaning of life.

“We were created so God could love us.”

“Oh! Yes, of course,” replies the religious person: “I understand that we are created to worship God. God wants us to worship Him so I do.”

In other words, God needs us to worship Him? He needs us and our worship? He who existed before eternity past and will exist after eternity future needs anything from us? He who created everything needs us to worship Him? Seriously? God already has everything. He already owns everything and everything that does exist, exits in Him. His Throne on High is surrounded by the Heavenly Host and countless Angels. What else does He need? Nothing! But, there is one thing He wants. God is love and He wants to share His love with you so He created you to be the object of His love!

God is love and He wants people He can love and who choose to love Him so they can live with Him forever as members of His family. God wants children. You are destined to be one of His children so God, your Heavenly Father, can love you forever. The only thing left for God to do is love people and share what He has with them. Isn’t He Great?

So what does He do? He creates humanity and puts us in a world to experience life. He gives us free moral agency to decide for ourselves what we will do. After we completely fail in every endeavor of life without Him, He comes to rescue us with His limitless love. He sends His only One, Unique and Beloved Son, Jesus, to reconcile us to Him who have hid from Him because of our sins. If we accept His reconciliation offered through His Son, Jesus and what He has already accomplished for us, He will give us eternal life to share God’s Love and Glorious Existence with Him forever. That is the essence of the Good News Gospel.

Jesus said it succinctly in John 3. I phrase it this way. “For God loves the world and the people He created so much that He gave up His only Son to pay for our sins with His blood. Whoever believes in His Son will not perish in the Lake of Fire but have eternal life with God.” When you truly believe and accept this truth, it will change your life forever. In Matthew 20:28 Jesus said He did not come to be served but to serve us and to give His life as a sacrifice for many (that’s us again). How could Jesus say such a thing except as a testimony of God’s love for us and the willingness of Jesus to be offered as a sacrifice for us. Jesus, in an act of humility, humbly washed the feet of His Disciples the night before He died for us. What love God has expressed for us who receive His love through trusting faith in Jesus.

It’s a done deal as far as God is concerned. This Guidebook, “Marines for JESUS” will help you understand how much God loves you and what He has already done for you so you can have a closer walk with Him and enjoy life eternally with Him. .

So, why are we here? = We are here to be loved by God who desires to love us.

What does it all mean? = God wants you to know He loves you by what He has already done for you through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, the promised Messiah.

What am I suppose to do? = Relax and Rest in His love for you and everyone who trusts in His Son, Jesus. Then confess with your mouth  you believe God sent Jesus to pay for your sins with His shed blood and if you believe in your heart He rose again from the dead you will be saved. This Guidebook, Marines for JESUS will help you come to belief in your heart through the knowledge of God, who He is and what He has already done for you.

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