Outline of the Guidebook, ‘Marines for JESUS’

Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard

We begin with how I learned some things in the Marines that helped me to understand certain principles and events in my walk with God. I share these experiences with the reader and begin to explain what a Marine for JESUS is all about.

Chapter 2: The Calling – An Awakening of GOD Occurs

We should appreciate the marvelous event of our Calling by God to recognize all the benefits in scripture that are ours as believers. Understanding the Calling will give you peace about loved ones who don’t know the Lord – yet. We cannot decide on our own to begin a relationship with God. We remain spiritually blind and ignorant of God until the time that God initiates contact with us – known as “The Calling.” Scripture is filled with verses describing our being Called and the blessings of those who are Called by God. He Calls us out of the world’s ways into an understanding of the need to begin following God’s Way as we grow in the knowledge of Jesus. When we come under conviction of who Jesus is and what He did for us we move forward to baptism and being changed into a new creation by the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 3: Essential Christianity – Entering The Christian Life

Once we are Called and we accept The Calling, we verbally express trusting faith in who Jesus is to accept Him as our personal Savior. Then we begin to be aware of essential teachings in scripture that are the foundation of our trusting faith and relationship with God. We see our need for forgiveness for our sins and realize it is through the sacrifice of Jesus that we are forgiven. We come to know Jesus in a personal way. There are two teachings given by Jesus that we focus on at the beginning of our walk.

The first is water immersion referred to as baptism. Scripture talks about our death, burial and resurrection to a new way of life being pictured by our water baptism. We look at the baptism of Jesus and learn what it means for us to be baptized as Jesus has directed when we come to trusting faith in Him. The second is receiving the Holy Spirit. We focus on receiving the Holy Spirit that Jesus promises when we come into conviction of who Jesus is and what He has done for us. We see where Paul says: “If you have not the Holy Spirit you are none of His.” We look into the giving of the Holy Spirit to the first century church and its impact on the church and on individual Christians today.

Chapter 4: The New Covenant – Recognizing Our New Status with God

Jesus established the New Covenant to replace the Old Covenant. Grab hold of the New Covenant with all its blessings for you as a believer. We see where the Old Covenant still impacts people today who do not understand the New Covenant therefore cannot fully embrace the New Covenant that Jesus has guaranteed for us. We discuss how the New Covenant affects our standing in God’s eyes and our new relationship with Him since Jesus has died for our sins and has been resurrected. The Resurrection is our guarantee of the New Covenant that Jesus mediates for us.

Chapter 5: Living Christianity Today – Serving God Today

We live in a world of darkness that is going completely the opposite of God’s Way. There is a constant battle going on in a believer’s life to confront in victory the spiritual darkness in the world going against God’s Way. The struggle of resisting going the opposite direction of the world and following the way of Jesus is explained. Our victory is revealed in Jesus. We illustrate some of the difficulties believers face today along with scriptural solutions to encourage believers to persevere with the help of God who has already given us the victory in Jesus.

Chapter 6: On The Job Training

This section covers varied topics of interest to believers desiring to have a closer walk with Jesus and walk as a Marine for JESUS.

This Guidebook “Marines for JESUS” provides biblical answers to situations in life to show believers how to walk in victory and overcome the darkness in the world by the Power of The Son of God, who is present in the life of every believer through the Holy Spirit. You can be a Marine for JESUS, a Soldier for JESUS, a Sailor for JESUS, an Airman for JESUS or a Coast Guardsman for JESUS. You may even be a Civilian for JESUS. The question is – are you a strong and faithful believer in Jesus? Do you allow the Jesus in you to stand up and be recognized in all situations? If so, you are exemplifying a Marine for JESUS.

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