Different Bible Translations

Some Bible translations may translate a verse in such a way that obscures the clear meaning of the text from the originally inspired Greek or Hebrew text. Bible translators are not immune from translating a verse in such a way that makes sense to them according to their theology and belief system. Therefore, to get around this problem in Marines for JESUS, we use different Bible translations for some scriptural references to help in understanding the original intent of the scriptures since most of us, myself included, do not speak and read Greek or Hebrew.

We will select what we believe is the best translations for clarity and understanding. In some scriptural examples we will cite more than one Bible translation of the same verse or verses to provide additional clarity of the meaning of the original text inspired by God.

The most often used translation in Marines for JESUS is the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB), by David H. Stern, copyright 1998. Copies of the Complete Jewish Bible are available in Bible book stores or on the internet at Bible Gateway’s web site. The CJB translation was selected by the author and his Bible Buddies due to its clarity and accuracy in translation of some key verses. When a verse from the CJB translation is used it is noted this way: “Complete Jewish Bible (CJB).” Other translations are also used and will be identified by letter abbreviations, such as (NIV) for the New International Version and (NKJ) for the New King James Bible. In this way the reader can see differences in translations for themselves.

This Guidebook will show you how to have a closer walk with Jesus who loves you and at the same time help you avoid religious confusion as you study your Bible using different translations for clarity of meaning,

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