Confusion in Bible Understanding

As I began to study the Bible in earnest I came to see that some of what religious teachers were telling me was true but some things were not true. Truth and error were usually mixed with their own personal interpretation of Scripture blended with the ideas of other men. I discovered considerable disagreement among Bible teachers and Christian groups. Everyone seemed to have a different opinion about the same Bible topics. Their opinions were so strong that it often was the reason they refused to fellowship with other Christians.

During the 1960’s I listened to several Bible teachers on the radio hoping to gain understanding. I was confused because religious leaders often disagreed on what the Bible said on various topics. They could all tell me who God was in their view, how I should relate to God, and what God expected of me as far as they understood. The problem was most of the time they disagreed with each other. A Bible teacher would teach a theological point of view and another Bible teacher from another church would say that was wrong, only to cite their own scripture selection to prove what they were saying was true. Sometimes I didn’t know what or who to believe.

“Learn to listen to Jesus and the guiding of the Holy Spirit as you study the Bible. He will guide you…”

If someone tells you something about scripture and you have concerns about it being the truth, check out another person who disagrees with the first one and find out why they disagree on that subject. It may help you to separate truth from error. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to understand what is true as you study the Bible for yourself.

If there is something you don’t understand, stop and pray for God to give you clarity of understanding. Learn to listen to Jesus and the guiding of the Holy Spirit as you study the Bible. He will guide you because He wants you to know Him and how much He loves you. This Guidebook will lead you to have a closer walk with Jesus who loves you more than you know. At the same time it will help you avoid religious confusion as you study your Bible and grow in grace and knowledge of Him.

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