About Marines for Jesus

“I often found similarities in my experiences between serving in the U.S. Marines, in my church life and walk with Jesus…”

We are a men’s Christian ministry organization that is just getting started in 2013. As I look back over my life I am astounded by God’s love, forgiveness, patience and kindness He has shown me. Even when I walked away from Him for 6 years in rebellion, He never left me but continued to guide me and watch over me with His loving kindness. Part of my story of rebellion and returning to God is mingled throughout this Guidebook. My experiences illustrates how great and mighty is our God. What I want you to know by reading this Guidebook is what He has done for me He will do for you. I want you to know the simple truth that God loves you so you can have a closer walk with Jesus, His Son whom God sent to redeem the whole world to Himself.

I became a born again Christian in 1964 shortly after serving 7 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. I was 26 years old when I surrendered my life to Jesus. I had little biblical knowledge and very little religious training up to that point in my life. But I had a sincere desire to come to know the true God. I was fascinated reading about Jesus speaking in the first person and reading about the Church as it began to develop in the Book of Acts. I was finally discovering the knowledge of God that I had been missing so much growing up. My life became joyous in spite of the many difficulties I faced at the time.

Then I got mixed up with a legalistic church. They convinced me their message of righteousness by works was the path I was to follow. I simply didn’t know any better. Upon entering this church they quickly sucked the joy out of my heart that I initially experienced in 1964 coming to know God and His forgiveness through Jesus and His freedom. I emerged from this church after 36 years spiritually confused, defeated, discouraged and somewhat angry. How I recovered with the Amazing Grace of a loving God who never forsook me is part of the story of this Guidebook I want to share with you so you don’t make the same mistakes I made.

Another reason I wrote this Guidebook is that in my walk with God, I often found similarities in my experiences from having served in the U.S. Marines and in my church life and walk with Jesus that are beneficial to share with you. Some lessons learned are presented in “Marines for JESUS” to help you have a closer walk with Jesus. If you would like more information before deciding to purchase a copy, click on the red link at the top of this page “About Marines for Jesus” and read about this Guidebook “Marines for JESUS.” We are a Men’s Christian Ministry dedicated to helping believers  adapt, overcome and move forward in their walk with Jesus. Much of our work can also be of benefit to women.

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